Network Monitoring
Know and use your spare capacities!

The European KPI Benchmarking of concipio management solutions helps you to manage your direct expenses. A holistic view of all profit drivers also demands an active management of your trade expenses. For logistics companies with own trucks, these costs are direct expenses. For the majority of companies buying truck-capacity is the normal case, though. An optimization of the gross profit, meaning the margin between the invoiced turnover and the costs of procurement for freight capacity, is crucial for economic success. The described margin can be increased in 3 different ways:

  • Increase your sales prices.
  • Procure freight capacities at a lower price.
  • Improve the usage of your capacity.

Point number 3 is often not considered as important as necessary to gain maximum profit from the capacities that are used. Do you offer scheduled services? Do you have fixed departure times? Then, the optimal usage of the capacities is extremely important but difficult to achieve. Use your spare capacities and improve the usage of your freight hold – you have paid for it already!

Network Monitoring
Network Monitoring
Network Monitoring

Our services for you:

Permanent monitoring of relevant structures is essential if you want to manage your capacities efficiently. We can support you in this task with our Network Monitoring Services.

Monitoring of customer structures:
  • Where are your customers located?
  • How are the customer volumes developing?
  • How is your mixture of customers?
  • In which geographical area are additional customers required?
Monitoring of Shipment structures:
  • What are the shipment sizes and how are they developing?
  • How is the structural mix in the shipment sizes?
Monitoring of the Capacity utilization:
  • How efficient is the utilization on your trucks?
  • How does the utilization of your trucks fluctuate during the week or month?
  • How is the Cargo Mix on your trucks?

We can provide you with answers to these questions with the help of special analysis tools. Shown in maps and arranged in tables. You can either receive the information as a one-time “network snapshot” or as “permanent network monitoring” for a monthly payment. We provide these important tasks for you at surprisingly low cost. Please have a look in our concipio solutions center. We have several tailored packages for this product.

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