FAQ European KPI Benchmarking

1. The performance indicators are often not comparable 1:1, i.e. one transport companies has heavy cargo, the other has more light cargo. Doesn´t this give a wrong picture?

It is of course true that the different structures have a significant impact on the comparability. The aim of the European KPI Benchmarking is not to nominate the "Winner" or the "Loser" for a certain KPI. The ranking list should only guide you to focus your efforts to the most critical areas of his company. If you are in certain KPI among the first third of the participants, the performance in this area seems to be ok. If you are with certain KPI in the ranking at the bottom of the list you should deep dive into this process as there seems to be optimization potential.

2. Isn´t it enough information if I purchase the KPI list once? Why should I have every month a new Ranking?

For the first indication on your general competitiveness, a single month analysis is sufficient. On the other hand, structures change permanently in the market and you should follow the developments closely. Additionally concipio delivers every month Market analysis and informations that supports you in the optimization processes.

3. In the database you ask for a long list of different KPI. A lot of them are not relevant for me.

Please enter only the KPI that are important or interesting for you. Just leave the other fields empty. Even for the free-of-charge version you can enter as many KPI as you want. You will receive ranking lists of the 5 KPI that are the most entered in the database.

4. Isn´t it possible that participants enter wrong numbers? What happens if participants enter numbers that give a wrong impression about the performance?

Yes, it might happen that some participants enter wrong numbers. Either because they want to faint or because the description of the specific KPI was not clear enough. Before creation of the ranking list, concipio filters out obviously wrong number and communicates this to the participant. Deceiving deliberately makes no sense as the ranking lists are anonymized and no effect is achieved by doing so.

5. I have to provide you with internal company information. I have some reservations about that.

We understand that point and we know about our responsibility in this respect. We therefore provide you with the beginning of the cooperation with a confidentiality declaration. We guarantee that concipio management solutions Ltd. is absolutely independent.

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